About myself

Hi there! I am currently an assistant professor in Key Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Computing (PDL), National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), China.

I joined the Trustie & OSSEAN Group at August 2013, advised by Prof. Huaimin Wang. I received my Ph.D in Software Engineering from NUDT in 2019.

My main research interest is empirical software engineering, spanning from mining software repositories and social networks, to Docker and CI/CD workflows.

I like movie, music, and photography.


  • 11/21: Yao’s work: “Motivation under Gamification: An Empirical Study of Developers’ Motivations and Contributions in Stack Overflow” accepted by TSE Journal.

  • 09/20: Our work: “Using Configuration Semantic Features and Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Build Result in Cloud-Based Container Environment” accepted by ICPADS 2020 research track.

  • 09/20: Our work: “Dockerfile Changes in Practice: A Large-Scale Empirical Study of 4,110 Projects on GitHub” accepted by APSEC 2020 research track.

  • 08/20: Yao’s work: “Haste Makes Waste: An Empirical Study of Fast Answers in Stack Overflow” accepted by ICSME 2020 research track.

  • 03/20: Our work: “An Empirical Study of Build Failures in the Docker Context” accepted by MSR 2020 technical track.

  • 02/20: Yiwen’s work: “Exploring the Relationship between Dockerfile Quality and Project Charateristics” accepted by ICSE 2020 SRC track.